Zymurgy Club

Zymurgy is the Art and Science of Fermentation

Helping each other with Home Brewing Projects!

Welcome to your new adventure in the Zymurgy Club!

The SCW Zymurgy Club is a Craft and Social club.

Zymurgy is the art and science of fermentation. We are dedicated explorers of the fermentation process, searching out unique flavor combinations that delight our palates. 

Our evolving interests are beers, ales, wines, meads, ciders and other cordial drinks, along with foods that, paired together, enhance our life experiences. We’ve recently added coffee roasting to our interests.  Our Membership period is for 12 months from January 1st to December 31st. New members can join in the last quarter (Oct – Dec) and their membership will be good through the following year. 

Step up to the bar at the Zymurgy Club! 

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